Monday, May 14, 2007

Hello and hello!

Hello and yes it's been forever.. in fact it's the first one under this new alias.

In advance, to beg your pardon... I do not have weak thumbs- questionable spelling skills that may slip by my spell checker and, morals on occasion and grammar that can frustrate blue hair off the stodgiest English professor (did I mention run-on sentences?) but weak thumbs? Absolutely not! It is this punchy wireless Gateway keyboard that I refer to as Bane that has a mind of its own to group no less that 3to 4 words together, (yes- I am one of those that has to look at her Fingers when she is typing, and I can Fly that way!) but when I look up- I might have a whole chain of thoughts stung together, OR- there might be double space words all across the lines... as my eldest daughter says (who, lovingly referred to from here on on out as the Boo-she makes the perfect pouty face, and her fav game as an infantwas Peek-A-boo; was all she said for 5 months-Boo!) - HUMPH!!!!

Get all of that?

If you did, I will be very easy for you to read, as infrequently as I post... yes dear friends, and I call you friends because guess what? I have been watching you! No, not Stalking... it's called lurking. But we do have some mutal connections... Schmoopie, Stucco, NancyDanceHall and now Meno to name a few. I know, I'm name dropping- but it seems that at least a few of them want me to share what is insidethis silly head of mine aside from the random comment I add to their posts- so after mush persuasion... Ta-Da... Here is me!


Stucco said...

Bout time! Hee hee- welcome.

Schmoopie said...

Hello my dear friend! So glad you decided to add your wonderful thoughts to the blog world! I will be lurking here as well :)

Nancy Dancehall said...

Hello hello!!