Monday, November 3, 2008

The Night Before 11/04...

My heart-felt prayers to you, Mr Obama, for the loss of your beloved Grandmother. She must be so full of pride for you! Her love and light surround you and your family and shine down around you through these incredibly vital hours. May you find comfort from it. May it help you draw the energy that you need to carry on through the next 48 hours, 72 hours- weeks and months (years) to come. Adrenaline can flow hard and fast; allow the beauty of the love and compassion your Grandmother raised you with to carry you the rest of the way. Her influence in your life is clearly apparent; you have shown only respect to any opponent you have run against during your campaign. I truly admire you, and wish you the best.

Mr. McCain, I voice my concerns for your well-being. I admire you for your quest and efforts in trying capture votes in specific states, but not at the sake of your health. This is not a prejudice against your age, yet that is a major factor as you are traveling and then appearing at rallies at a frequency beyond the amount a man 25 years younger than you. Oh I know that you were not hitting the trail as late last week, but what would actually happen if you made this big push th e weekend before the election, the day before, and then 7 states in one day the day before- then actually WON?

Mr. McCain- the fruits of your labor, actually, paif off! But you are incapacited, for the next 3-4 days trying to recouperate... worse yet- God forbid- something more serious arises. I pray for you Mr. McCain. I will not vote for you as I have monumental differences with you regarding every policy- but I still believe that you have a good heart, the good of our country in it and need to take care of yourself.

May the heaing begin...

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