Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Belated Best Ever!

... and it was the best ever. Truly extraordinary!

On Saturday I get direct orders from the the Mister: I am to stay in bed for an official gift presentation from the girls (BTW #2 is from hereby referred to as "The Wee", the youngest of course, no longer tiny- yet the name fits her). Now this is quite the task, as I have suddenly take to rising no later than 8 these days. Of course these two sweet girls of mine are conditioned to let the Mama sleep in on Sundays- especially on Mother's Day!

So there I lay... waiting, when I happen to remember that my recently started "Annotated Pride and Prejudice" was in arms reach. Bliss! Off to a perfect start.

No breakfast in bed today, as I was promised brunch at our local favorite family place. But first, I lay awaiting my goodies, my tummy rumbling and my head full of Lizzie and Mr. Darcy.

In come The Boo and The Wee, sweet offerings of love in hand, and Boo presents a little handmade Fairy... it's a thing we do here with flowers, wire, beads and lots of imagination.

Next comes a beautiful scarf from the Wee, a garage-sale find of the day before for 50cents that some sweet lady put into a red velvet bag w/ eye cream upon hearing it was a Mother's Day gift... The Wee was beaming, as was I; this was getting better by the moment!

Then, from behind her she pulls out a new purse! Friends and family know how dearly I needed this... and let me tell you, my 9 year-old has some great taste! Same colors as the old hand knitted one I've been dragging around for the last year- yet 100% more stylish! OOLALA!

Then it's on to the Boo's gift, and nothing could be more perfect from her, a fantasy print of a male and female *almost* embracing for a kiss over toadstools... very sensual. Very Mama. Very Boo.

Time for Brunch. The Mister has miserable sinus stuff-a-raging, so he's healing horizontally; it's me and the girls off to our favorite diner. We had a delightful meal including hotcakes, oatmeal, a shared fruit bowl and Earl Grey tea... of course the Wee had her fav- cheesy noodles and fries! Eek! Shortly after being presented the check, our waitress returned saying she needed to recalculate it. It did seem kinda low.

After waiting about 5 minutes, I went to the counter to pay it, and was told it was already "taken care of". Our waitress pointed to an elderly man exiting the door and said, "Happy Mother's Day. He wanted to remain anonymous."

The girls and I were all speechless; even our waitress as I started to become watery eyed and choke back the tears. The Wee said, " I say him, he was behind us at our table and he had a goodly face!" All the Boo could say was, "Mom, I can see that you are going to cry..."

Upon retelling our good fortune to the Mister, his first response was, "Maybe God is one of us."


Schmoopie said...

You have two precious ones! We are very fortunate to know them. :) Sounds like a Mother's Day to remember. I love when I hear stories about people being good to each other, like that gentlemen was. Sure beats the constant stories of road rage and domestic violence.

Stucco said...

Should'nae be "The Wii" instead of "The Wee"?

EarthMama said...

Hey stuccy - you're getting waaay ahead of me here... I'm stillplaying around with the styles and templates and even "oh-no"- doingmy own html on this here bloggy thingy and ya are about a "wiik" outta sync- with my RL... hrmmm that's a good thing I think!

btw? can i borrow some of those tasty graphics from your last post? they were fuun...

Nancy Dancehall said...

Wow. What a beautiful story.

(Mr. Darcy always makes my tummy rumble. ;-) )